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Shanghai showcase and the return of Turbine

In September 2018 Collusion made its second international premiere in as many months with the showcase performance of Turbine at the prestigious DANCESTAGES: Shanghai Dance Festival.

Dancers Gareth Belling and Michael Smith grapple with each other during Turbine.

DANCESTAGES is part festival, part market development platform, part forum, and all things dance. Held every two years, DANCESTAGES 2018 was the second instalment of this thrilling festival.

In the festival, 27 top dance companies from 17 regions and countries gave 8 world premieres and 23 Mainland China premieres. Collusion was selected from an international open call which attracted more than 100 applications, and were recommended by our Asia and North America representatives KMP Artists, who's founding CEO Kristopher McDowell also attended the festival.

You can watch some of the highlights on YouTube.

Watch now, hit the thumbs up, and share with your networks.

As you can see from the video (filmed live by DANCESTAGES) Thomas Green's music was powerfully original, and played by Benjamin Greaves (both live, and in the pre-recorded 2nd violin track) with searing virtuosity.

Gareth Belling, Michael Smith and Jacob Watton left nothing in reserve as they unleashed across a dramatically expanded performance space, wowing the audience (many of them peers from represented companies) with skill and dramatic integrity.

Don't miss Turbine when it returns to Brisbane on 22 February for one performance only at QACI Theatre, 61 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove.

Tickets available at

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