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Turbine has MELT Festival in a spin

Power and identity will come face to face in a brand new chamber ballet by Collusion at MELT Festival. With the full MELT Festival release happening today, tickets to this intimate performance will be on sale... now! With limited capacity, you'll need to get in quick for your chance to get up close to Collusion, with the proximity of this chamber ballet pushed to its confronting best.

Turbine is a search for identity and a quest for sustainability. A daring, reflective new work for three dancers and two musicians, it places their bodies in a precarious position, spinning movement and music in close and confronting detail.

Between a screaming match and a whispered plea, Gareth Belling’s immediate and visceral movement tackles risk and reward, isolation and connection. It also features composer Thomas Green at full power with original music directed and performed by Collusion’s Camille Barry and Benjamin Greaves.

In the wake of Marriage Equality and the continued debate on climate change, Turbine questions what is good, and what is right. It asks what freedoms we should enjoy, and what price we are willing to pay.

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