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New Year and New Look

Hurrah, welcome to our new look website and brand. In 2017 we collaborated with Cat Childs from The Love Press, a small but beautiful design and print company.


Here are a few words by Cat Childs

This job has been interesting in terms of how to best capture and communicate the signature energy of the company and its works whilst balancing the artistic sensibilities inherent in contemporary classical music and dance with heavier type forms.

The old red brand utilised a fine weight font with broken line features. Whilst light and airy it clearly lost visual impact in logo heavy event media (think festival posters with lots of other company and sponsor logos etc). This issue was easily resolved with the use of a heavier sans serif font to form the backbone of the brand. By splicing into and displacing an angled section of the new logotype movement and drama was created in this perfectly beautiful but plain sans serif bold lettering. We cooled down the colour from a warm red to a gorgeous teal that will sit up on either black or white backgrounds.

From a branding perspective, the word “collusion” has typically negative connotations but the introduction of the tag line “a beautiful conspiracy” allowed us to re-frame how we want the word Collusion to be read.


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