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Jacob Watton


Jacob Watton is a Brisbane-based choreographer and performer. Jacob graduated with first class honours from a Bachelor of Fine Arts (honours) in 2017, as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance Performance) with distinction in 2016, both from the Queensland University of Technology.


His choreographic credits include: evening length, interdisciplinary performance, Into the Blender, 2014; “Best in Festival” award winning Here, In My Bed, 2015; and headlining performance, Human/e, 2016 as part of Brisbane, multi-art DIY festival. Jacob’s evening length performance, and JULIET, premiered at the SUPERCELL Contemporary Dance Festival as part of the Index program in early 2017 to a sold-out audience. Late in 2017 and JULIET was performed again headlining TRIPTIK; a triple-bill of Jacob’s contemporary dance performances accompanied by a reimagined Human/e for eight pre-professional, regional performers, and Mother, a solo work for dance artist Jen Murray. Most recently Jacob performed and choreographed a solo work titled 1:1 about the onstage relationship between a human and a robot. This performance premiered on an international stage in Linz, Austria as part of the Ars Electronica Festival. Jacob has danced for choreographers including Lucas Jervies, Gareth Belling, Richard Causer, and Yolande Brown to name a few.

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