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Amelia Stokes


Amelia is a diverse freelance artist currently working in Brisbane. She studied at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts working closely with renowned international and Australian artists. Upon graduating, she performed with, and acted as Education Officer for the West Australian Ballet throughout 2013.


"Stokes was somewhat of a lynch-pin" 

Since, Amelia has collaboratively developed and performed works by independent choreographers in both Perth and Brisbane, including Nerida Matthaei, Gareth Belling, Liesel Zink, Claire Marshall and Caitlin and Gabriel Comerford (Makeshift Dance Collective). She has choreographed two works in residency, the first a short work for four professional dancers through The indepenDANCE Project, and the second, a solo dance theatre work through Tasdance’s TRIP Residency. She also continues to extend her craft through teaching across multiple disciplines, working with people of varying ages, backgrounds and abilities.

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